ScanHELP! We are at our limit on SoundCloud and if we want to post more music we gotta pay. Fair enough. For 135 bucks a year we can post unlimited tracks… and oh what we could do with THAT! Hell at 55 bucks a year we could at least double our capacity and offer you twice the content. Please help us help you with providing awesome original music and content direct from the artists. No-Fi and Lo Fi Rule! [to make a paypal donation contact us¬†].

note: if the player below doesn’t show or function go directly to to hear and download music.

You can find more music by SF Zeigler here that includes a wide range of eclectic sounds.

More songs and music featuring SF Zeigler are being made available for purchase via PayPal on SoundCloud. When you see the BUY button you can safely download the track as an MP3 and play it on your phone or other digital device. Contact us here if you want a track made available sooner. We can also provide WAV and other formats of songs on special order.

We have TONS of recordings from the past waiting to be uploaded and current new material as well. By purchasing the songs on SoundCloud you help us to provide you MORE. A few generous donations would unleash a torrent of content previously unheard or seen by any man nor beast. Time is running out. Soon the internet Nazi’s will put a cap on self publishing rights and original art and music will be banished but for a few that knew to download when they had the chance. Only you with your personal hard drive of Fight Porn content can now go out and set right that which has gone astray.

This site also features Carson Ogen’s favorite music, videos and content from other artists and bright thinkers.

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