God, The Jews and the Ultimate Fighting Championship

Here’s a very insightful interview with retired UFC fighter Jason Miller. Jason also had a successful tv show called Bully Beat Down that was very entertaining in a porn flick kind of way.

Jason points out the very real determines of being a competitive fighter and concurrently displays the cognizance of someone who has truly learned some important lessons in life. It’s sad to see yet another person fall prey to the bad idea of “God”  - but this fatal flaw has befallen many intellectuals and non-intellects alike.

The Secular Community needs to have a church where people can go to connect with other human beings in time of trouble and prosperity. Otherwise you’re stuck with a fucking priest that inevitably tries to sell you on a Zombie Virgin Birth Death Cult. As it stands the Death Cult gets to be the format for all the actual great lessons people have learned and want to share.

The Jews (whoever and whatever a “Jew” might be) have made their mark in media and business. I fear history has hardwired their social dna to work hard and succeed under great duress. Money as a bottom line is a hard philosophy to debunk. Freedom of expression – indeed freedom itself, comes at a cost.

Changing the social paradigm. Do we have control of it or are we helpless victims? The reason to be a martial artist is so that you can handle life in real time. Most normal folks can’t handle real time and function on a fictional time scale.  I once heard a bjj black belt say that “no matter what belt level you are you have to deal with your ego.” Any martial art practice that still has you dealing with your ego at mastery level is teaching you the wrong thing – or at the very least emphasizing the wrong aspect of the art. -CO2

James Randi and Richard Dawkins

What is being said here is profound. A claim has to be valid before you waste time on it. Mass assumption of a claim doesn’t validate it. Proof or an integral model of the idea or concept is required to even START the process of investigating.

Attacking With Fear and Greed

A wonderful film about the pitfalls of living a fear and greed based life. And for those that just went to have fun – you play you pay. We all get to learn these lessons. Not everyone survives… and truth be told no one comes out alive.

Quality of life is dependent on memory. Perhaps that’s why alcohol is so popular, it helps people forget. But then again you erase other “good” memories in the process… which are necessary for attaining that quality of life we all so desire.

QUESTION: If it’s good for habitat is it good for humans? If it’s good for humans is it good for habitat? The answer isn’t as simple as you may think.

Retribution is an antiquated way of thinking. Self imposed slavery replaced enslavement – drove it right out of business. What is the worth of a shill that gambles their life so that others and perhaps they themselves may profit.

This rant in favor of a paradigm shift is now over. Enjoy the film.

This in contrast to the information from Sam Harris is… enlightening.

Our lives are a resultant of two distinct factors. Inheritance and Choice. We only have succinct control of Choice which is at best limited. We do not -contrary to fluffy thinking – have Unlimited Choice. That Zombie concept of the Laws of Attraction – as swell as it sounds – is still dead.

My grandmother used to say “Wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which gets fuller first.”… speaking of Fuller, Bucky Fuller (architect) along side of Yip Man (Wing Chun Kung Fu man) and the Amazing Randi (Magician/Skeptic) are the holy trinity of ANSWERS regarding matters of human disparity. Fact – not my opinion. My opinion is very different from fact. I feel we should all track down a really good yoga master and get flexible enough to kiss our asses goodbye. You are not sustainable. We will overcome. We shall cleanse the world. Mutate with the symbiosis or perish.

Ok. Now the rant is done. – CO2

ps – You have a right to your own opinion – you do not have a right to your own facts. The body informs the brain. Eyewitness testimony works in a court of law – not in science. Alright alright. Rant done. Over. Fini.

The Existence of Nothing

For many years I’ve been posing this assertion of “nothing” (as well as 1 and infinity) to be highly flawed in the practical sense. I understand that the concepts of zero, one and infinity are abstracts – a method of comprehending the unseen parts of the whole. But almost everyone I speak with on the subject take zero, one and infinity quite literal as if they were actual things that exist in the “natural” (actual) world.

Sometimes I swear I’m being plagiarized but in reality it provides evidence that we truly are a symbiosis.  Of course I’m quite sure the publishers of their (the speakers in this video) books do not subscribe to such realities.

So to the barfly ass-wipes at TAM 2011 (or was it 2013) that scoffed at my assertion that “zero, one and infinity are bullshit” … go eat crow mate! Here are some of the worlds leading scientists in their field talking about the very subject.

And in a somehow related topic I am compelled to add. You don’t have to be pro-white nor pro-Nazi to be anti-Jew. One plus one is at the very least two but more likely to be greater than two. Much greater – but not infinitely so. [Sorry don't mean to throw my dear readers - but some of you will understand the correlation.]

All I’m saying is – a LOT of bad ideas are based around “zero, one and infinity” being a fact rather than an abstract. Zero, one and infinity are abhorrent to the actual world we live in. The concept of “nothing” itself is unstable, to use the words of Krauss. And as deGrasse so eloquently puts it, everything in nature comes in twos. But you got to admit, two multi-verses is stretching the limits of what is conceivably tangible to a singular part of a greater symbiosis that is us… human animals.

Men On Strike

This issue is finally hitting the mainstream. Now if we can – or want to do anything about it. Although I think it may have more to do with being an ADULT. Folks just don’t want to grow up. Perhaps we are slow to grow out of our collective adolescence. Knowledge is not wisdom. Money is not success. Popularity is not fame. The emasculation of the sexes is not sexy. I don’t mind a queer or a homo, but for god’s sake would you all please let men be men and women be women as well. Is a parade of staunch heterosexuals necessary? Just an idea.

2014 EVER!

To Owe One ForEVER! If this has already become a passe de-codification of a trendy numerical acronym – forgive me. But if I’m the first let it be known here on my blog on this day. I actually thought of it a few days before New Years’s eve but it’s taken til now for me to tentatively lay claim to origination. Ah yes for American’s this is our defining year. You see – when you “build” a nation on genocide and slavery  your doomed to be indebted to the victims and responsible for the corpse.

Yay let this be the Year Of American Reparations. Nay to Corporate Slavery through Unfair Living Wage. A perfect year for the Zombie occult that kills Socialism only to solidify and deify it’s perpetual resurrection as purified truth.

Who the hell convoluted Socialism in any way shape or means to represent a negative on humanity. If you are against the term – how are you not then deemed Anti-Social or asocial. I might be delusional but I think not. If you stick to the definition of a term – and not its convolution – life is made comprehensible. I guess that this is an adorable trait of the English language and perhaps the greatest gift to the world from the Anglo-Saxons.

Let’s look at it this way Miss Ayn Rand. What’s preferable: Perpetual Poverty or Redistribution of Wealth. The war on pollution and mental illness will take great cooperation. Selfishness trumps greed any day of the week. And it is for selfish reasons I refuse to accept poverty as a social norm. Nor shall our greed and desires hold president over the well being of another.

I’d be more endorsing of the rich deciding what “charity” to choose, but they aren’t effective enough. As long as I am forced to trudge the streets of human fecal matter and inhale the pungent aroma of homeless urine – I will hold those capable of change to it.

All physics, chemistry and biology aside; money (power) and pussy (sex) make the world as we now know it go round. The withdraw and unequal distribution of either will cause great disruption of peace amongst an otherwise civil people.

I do not postulate the validity of Reparations but instead the well earned freedom of literal Socialism restricted to the equalization of the worlds resources and banish slavish impoverished philosophies and religions. NOT TO OWE ONE FOREVER. That’s just plain un-American.

And to paraphrase the great Christopher Hitchens “Demands to believe the impossible can not lead to peace.”


Wouldn’t You?

I heard Penn Gillette giving a thumbs up to Christians and Jews for not killing people who criticize their religion. I just listened to Reverend Farrakhan make fun of Scientology and dismiss inter-racial love. To even the score I’d have to say – at least Muslims are carrying out the convictions of their doctrines.  And to stop the game playing all together shall we agree that none of the major religions have stopped their killing, raping and pillaging of human potential and resource in one way or another.

We are all from Africa. This is not defined by our skin pigmentation but rather from our genes. That is to say some “white” skinned folk are closer related to “Africans” than are some “black” skinned folk. Of course I have never truly seen a white or black skinned person. People are of many skin tones commonly ranging from pink to purple. The word nigger means black in Latin. And there are some people that have such dark skin as to appear the color black that I could only see a small minority of them to be described as such. I’ve been considered a nigger due to my skin color. The only thing offensive about this is I’m of olive brown complexion which is many pigments away from black. So it’s just plain inaccurate.


I’m not ignoring the vernacular use of the term nigger, although I should. It’s useless (if not dangerous) to take a word that has meaning and to give it a meaningless derogatory definition. Although it may make good entertainment.

I think of rainbows. Brass, ignorant, thieving, murderous, rapacious, self ingratiating and arrogant. Sorry. All colors are capable of such behavior. We just prefer the “white” to get away with it. It takes a special creature (of the night perhaps) to appreciate the dark.

And what about the brown. Is there no sympathy for us when after all we have now for eons had to deal with the extreme of these two color philosophies. As if both are struggling to be included into the color spectrum by doing away with all the other hues.

I don’t need to do much research to feel confident in assuming that there are more people around the world closer to the brown skin tone than that of white or black. Could it be that the powers at work do not want the brown majority to recognize itself as such?! All the so called blacks and whites combined could not equal the mass majority of browns. I dare say that if the browns were to unite the whites and the blacks would be screwed. No wonder they rally so fervently for their own causes rather than for the whole of humanity.

Skin pigmentation is something we don’t choose. Perhaps in the future this will be an option. In many cases we do not choose religions. Indoctrination of philosophy is just as invasive. If we can put aside our mystical proclivities perhaps all the colors can share equal recognition on the artists palate. People before ideals and ideas. Present and the future matter more than the history of the past. The past is to be remembered so as not to repeat the bad and to promote the good – not to hold the future liable for the crimes and mistakes long committed.

Reparations are needed indeed for all of man and woman kind. Poverty and ignorance are the true enemies of humanity. Religion is just the occupation of taking advantage of the situation. In the words of W.S. Burroughs “Wouldn’t you.”. L. Ron Hubbard sure did.

Science And The Thief

randi_liarThe Amazing James Randi almost apologetically has stated that religion and mysticism were early attempts at science. Over the years I have given this some thought and continuously come to an opposing supposition. After reading the likes of Richard Dawkins and getting a better understanding of evolutionary biology, many of the other science disciplines have become more comprehensible. It’s as if evolutionary biology is the unifying theory behind physics, chemistry, cosmology etc… It is with this approach that leads me to the exact opposite conclusion from that of Mr. Randi’s… of course with great respect.

For man to evolve she would have had to use science and reason to survive. Science is what has always allowed man to live in a hostile world. The belief in non-sense came about when luxury and thievery evolved into occupations. Early man would never have gotten an evolutionary foothold if she had embraced mysticism before science. The contemplation of non-sense had to come after the acceptance of scientific methods of survival.

The disciplines of humanity would have to have evolved in the following order:

  1. Scientist ie hunters, gatherers, farmers, fishers, doctors etc.
  2. Thieves that steal from science.
  3. Liars that lie about being thieves.
  4. Murderers that cover up their lies.
  5. Mystics ie priests, holy men, shaman, philosophers, politicians. Marketeers of Thieves, Liars and Murderers. Hypocritical users of science and historical denialists.

And oh what great marketeers they are! Who else could convince a great portion of the world to worship – if not have some sort of reverence for – a zombie. This Pedophile Zombie Cannibal Death Cult is also known as ( put any religion here ). You have to put a new name on it because Pedophile Zombie Cannibal Death Cult is too long and it may make it’s followers think twice about their decision making abilities.

To see a natural example of this in the wild watch the following clip.

Here’s a clip of Sam Harris reflecting on the topic of science vs religion. Like Randi he implies a faulty chronology.

Religion and mysticism has never attempted to understand a god damned thing. Spiritualism (religion etc) sounds a lot better than Thief. The Mystics are in the business of selling faith not understanding. It’s always been that way. Always will be that way.

Telling a lie is only useful if it is a shortcut to telling a truth. -CO2

Candles In The Wind

I’ve been hearing this a lot lately and feel compelled to reply. “Don’t blow out other peoples candle” or “I only want to be around positive like minded people”. There are many ways of saying the same thing. “Get off of my cloud.” “Don’t blow my high.” “Stay away from negative close minded people.”

I ask anyone whom follows this philosophy; Do you think it’s wise to ignore the suffering of others in order to maintain your illusion of reality? Are you so glib when you yourself are confronted with hardship and inequality? Are you blind to the strength of a person that perseveres mental and physical disease? Do you insist that the musical interval of a flatted 5th, the lack of color black and darkness are “evil”?  Do the things you dislike disappear behind rose colored glasses? Do you think you may be suffering from a massive case of closed mindedness? And why do you insist on keeping your candle lit in the wind?

“Absence diminishes small loves and increases great ones, as the wind blows out the candle and fans the bonfire.” ― François de La Rochefoucauld, Maxims

We ALL suffer. Exposing suffering is the only hope of doing something about it. Helping each other OUT of our perspective of SUFFERING and INTO a perspective of APPRECIATION is what being a decent human being is all about. And the suffering we can do nothing about needs to be appreciated as well.


So when I hear “Be kind to animals and children. Don’t pollute. Don’t steal and murder etc… I have to say: NO SHIT! Who still needs convincing of this!

I think I understand why people are so resistant toward actual content. It has to do with science and racism. Science (that little known nor understood by Americans but highly exploited discipline) currently reveals that dark energy plus dark matter constitute 95.1% of the total content of the universe. To a non scientist pro racist this is very threatening.

So to my beloved reader I gift you a bit of fictional advice. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and don’t even try to read said book by candlelight in the wind. And in the words of the great Sara Silverman  “What do you call a black guy that fly’s a plane? A PILOT YOU RACIST!” Ok ok, so there are certain black books that you can judge very well by it’s cover – but you get my meaning.


ps- And what about old people. They aren’t necessarily sad, mad or “negative”. Gravity has been baring down on their faces much longer that’s all. Gravity over time has a way of making most people look sad and we know the least about it… gravity that is.

Masters of Disinformation

This is a vulgar topic about a vulgar word. The term atheist is much like the various expletives used to berate and marginalize a fellow human being. It certainly isn’t a name or title one would give to themselves. It’s a derogatory term used by the religious and spiritual. A slander by the non-skeptical and the believers. It is now being embraced in defiance by non-believers in God or gods which may warrant a bit of trend monging trepidation.

The Iroquois called the Tsalagi tribes people Cherokee (cave dwellers) and it stuck. Slave owning whites called Africans Niggers and now Africans refer to each other as such. It stuck. Must we flip the meaning of words so… flippantly. For instance; blanko which you would think means black actually means “white” in Spanish. North and South poles switch polarities so why call them the same things when they have moved.

I think Richard Dawkins grossly under-estimates how dumb dumb dumb Americans really are. Even the smart ones are just plain …dumb.

Any idiot can be an “Atheist”. Instead let’s strive to be “Skeptics”. A skeptic can exist in almost any social capacity to resist fundamentalism on a plethora of levels.

This crafty Creationist of an interviewer is simply asking leading questions to corner his victims into paradox. There is no inquiry just tactic. The technique is to combine the vernacular with the precise. The word that is screwing everyone up is “believe”. You can not believe evolution to be true – only understand it. It is the understanding of evolution that marginalizes God, not the belief in evolution.

Re: “Change of kind.” That’s like asking to demonstrate how a root changes into a leaf. He’s just ignoring the time frame of millions of years. Hell, we can’t even perceive the  motion of the hour hand of a clock let alone perceive time in millions of years. BUT THAT DOESN’T MAKE US DENY TIME.

Richard Dawkin’s coins these folks as history deniers with rightful cause.  I say that when pressed for this sort of IMMEDIATE PROOF of evolution – tell them to go stare at the hour hand of a clock. Better to waste their time than yours.

Creationists aren’t stupid. They are everything they claim atheists to be. They are trying to hijack science as their method of operation in name alone. Wordplay and philosophical trickery are not the tools of science.

The Atheist Experience Podcast from Austin Texas interviewed the creator of Evolution vs God. Matt Dillahunty does a great job (as usual) debating Ray Comfort on Christianity. Amazing how a production comes off when there’s no editing involved. David Blaine and Chris Angel uses the same editing technique. Amusing how easy it is to get folks to believe in nothing.

Rant: A bunch of saying nothing with fancy graphics and clever editing. Vision: Old Soviet Russia has shelves with wheat and sugar plainly marked and without brand. America has wheat and sugar in endless combinations and brands. Amusement park line morphs into food line flooded with starving children.